Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If you're into the whole brevity thing...

I'm in a movie quoting mood, so get your video store knowledge flowing.

Video stores -- a relic of the past. What are they now? Places to buy video games. 
You and your silly World of Warcraft; I have no patience. 
Grown men playing games all day.

For God's sake, man, get off your couch and do something. 
Please let me opine obsessives. I'm sure Halo seems like pure heaven, 
but you smell--your couch has the imprint of your ass on it, your friends--friend
ok; your Mom's worried about you. Even the girl you have tied up in your basement 
since last year misses you. 
(actually she has Stockholm syndrome, but I say hey, use it to your advantage).

There's a world out there to be discovered, my massive ponytailed, mustard stained
T-shirt wearing pal. Think of all the crappy jobs you could do, people to humiliate you,
and the general sense of anger and rage you can feel towards others. 
Remember what a famous go- getting New Yorker once said--
"someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets".
Ah, words to live by.

Does anyone remember the story about the couple who let their kids starve 
because they were so wrapped in their video games? 
No, this isn't a joke--they literally forgot to feed them. What am I missing?
God, people are obsessed, aren't they--the Gamers, the Trekkies, Star Wars--yes,
I know the Sandpeople go from side to side; its just not that all encompassing . 
Besides, Anakin Skywalker wound up being a whiny fruit; such a let down.

Let me leave with this thought--has anyone out there noticed that
The Dude from the "The Big Lebowski" and Lance from ''Pulp Fiction'' 
look eerily similar? I'll just put it out there; discuss, debate.

Ice, Sleet, Snow. Freezing cold. Just another Winters day in New York.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Remnants from the season...

                                                         On my Sunday walk I spotted this.  

                                     It looked to me like something left over from the holiday
                                     season.  A "pop-up" Christmas store or an over sized
                                     gingerbread house.  In all reality-- its just slabs of wood
                                     painted green.  Probably hiding wires from some inane
                                     city project. 
                                   Nothing special...
                                   much more interesting in my active imagination...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ode to a conversation heart

Let me get this one out of the way...

It's that time of year again: overpriced flowers, jewelry, cards and loads of sickly sweet candy
wrapped in boxes of red and pink velvet, just to say I love you. I love the many versions of candy: boxes of heart-shaped chocolate, filled with cream, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter and anything else you can imagine. There's even Valentine's Day candy corn--remember when you could get candy corn once a year, at Halloween?

Let's say you want to send flowers to your loved one. Red roses, yellow, maybe white? The $40.00 special? No, send the $70.00 assortment; it means you really care. Remember, this is a holiday to impress--dyed daisies from the bodega just won't do.

How about some jewelry? A nice diamond perhaps? Fancy cut or maybe just a a nice CZ necklace; I'm sure she won't know the difference.

I'm sure some of you feel Valentine's Day is just a ruse. Who is this Valentine's Day character,
anyway? He must have been an executive at some multi-national corporation. I don't think this, but somewhere out there, someone is posting this theory on the web. Remember, this was probably the same guy before computers who would be at the copy store all day and night, handing out his manifestos to passers-by on the street and of course, now he has a website, so it must be true. Type in http://www.valentinesdayisalie.com/. See if I'm right.

Me?  Ive always loved a good box of "Conversation Hearts". Cute, heart-shaped candy; pastel colors with little messages on them: "BE MINE ", "LOVE YOU", "TOO CUTE"--
you get the picture. The candy itself tastes like stale chalk, but it's just adorable. I used to use them in my paintings, collages and that sort of thing. I thought it was great; everyone else... not so much.

A word or two in passing: if you are someone with a somebody, buy them some pink champagne, a box of Russell Stover candy and a card at the 99 cent store.

Alone? Send flowers to the office to make the catty coworkers jealous and that night, have some Godiva chocolate and drink vodka and cranberry juice while watching a tearjerker on Showtime. I'm not saying that's something I would do; just a suggestion.

Another frozen day. I need a hopeful spring to arrive soon. Or at least a brief warming spell...

Sunday, January 16, 2011


When I was a little girl....

My second favorite movie was the Red Shoes.(my #1 movie? Wizard of Oz).
I desperately wanted to be a ballerina. I actually studied dance for several years,
but found as hard as I tried dancing wasn't my forte.
Sadly for me I never got the red ballerina slippers, only pale pink.